Project Medium: HD Video

As a Taiwanese, this piece, consist of video portraits of Taiwanese women from four different historic periods of the last 130 years. I do this in order to bring focus on the cultural identity crisis and the continuous aphasia of people in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s fragmented political identity and changing of language and culture is the main focus of this piece. In the videos, I perform each the four female characters. They are from the region I was born in, but born different historical periods. Each video presents one female character. Each has monologue. After the contemporary character has performed her monologue, with the others listening, the characters begin to talk to each other. However, hey all speak but suffer from aphasia, the inability to talk with the language they used for their whole lives, due to the fact that Taiwan has had to constantly adapt to multiple colonizers, always shifting it's cultural identity.

Making this project has been for me an important discovery process in knowing where I am from, more exactly who I am or who I think I am.
Yintzu Huang (Hsinchu, Taiwan)
Video artist, Filmmaker, Photographer
Artist Email: hyintzu@gmail.com

She got her BFA of Radio and Television from National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan in 2009 and her MFA of Photography, Video and Related Media from School of Visual Arts, New York. Now she based in New York.

Yintzu Huang’s work tend to focus on her critical views of what she sees from daily life objects. It could be small as someone’s hair and big as the languages from her culture. While visualizing these topics into her photos \ videos, she usually tries to create a theatrical- like of looks to express her thought. she likes deconstruct how objects “suppose” to be looked like from people’s mind and then juxtaposed with an uncanny, weird feeling when she set up the tone for every new project.