Living Environment Series:
#1 Soft Drink Cups, #2 Lunch Boxes, #3 Plastic Bags

Project Medium: Poster Design

The idea of this design is a call for more awareness of ecology and environmental protection, especially focusing on Taiwanese culture. Each poster contain a different object, and ought to warn people how it is unconsciously being single-used with considerable quantities in everyday life.

These posters are meant to be hang beside relative stores and restaurants to draw the attention. Although it is always very hard for people to change daylife habits, there are still chances to influence by graphic intentions.

For instance, soft drink has almost become a must among Taiwanese young people in daily life. The poster filled with empty PVC or paper cups carries the message of an environmental problem. The bright yellow color in the background highlights the emptiness of the cups – a lot of thrown-away soft drink cups. The only cup in yellow accompanied by the words -- “Progress for Taiwan” suggests the theme of bringing one’s own cup for soft drink.

Same as lunch boxes and plastic bags, which usually being single-used at least once by everyone, in everyday. Taiwanese enjoy local food and shopping experiences, however efficiency is sometimes being more important than environment, which is in need to be aware of, and needs more people to seek for better design resolutions.
Wanjung Tsai
Artist Email: hi.wanjungtsai@gmail.com

Taiwan born and raised, Wanjung Tsai is currently a candidate of MFA Design as Entrepreneur, School of Visual Arts. She earned a bachelor degree in architectural design, but is desired to explore more about herself in visual design. She find joy in observing the culture of cities, buildings, and people, and love finding ways to reinterpret them in graphic works. As one who loves to try and observe life in different forms, Wanjung is also interested in minimalism illustration, photography, Chinese writing, and cooking hometown dishes.