Fianco – A — Fianco / Side – By — Side

Project Medium: Giclée Print

A series of diptychs that explores, within the duals, the correspondence between the geometrical and compositional organizations, the relationship between the scalar and directional components, the opposition between the foreground and background constituents, the contradiction between the natural and artificial environments, and the tension between the figurative and contextual constructs.
Yen-Ju Timothy Tai
Artist Email: yjt.tai@gmail.com

Yen-Ju Timothy Tai is currently studying architecture at Cornell University and is expected to graduate in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree with concentrations in Visual Representation. He was born and raised in Taiwan and has been in New York since graduating from middle school. He is passionately interested in computer graphics, parametric design methodologies, and architecture theories. He enjoys traveling, reading, playing basketball, and photography.