Collaborative Self-Portraits

Project Medium: 3D full body scanning with hand drawn textures. Animated in After Effects.

1. Concept:
The output of a 3D scan consists on a mesh and a texture map – much like a body and skin. This collaborative work was designed to create a series of self portraits that treat the body as a canvas for 3d drawing.
It raises up the question whether it is the skin or the body which defines us, and invites artists to participate in the creative process of creating a self portrait.
This is an exploration of a new kind of drawing format, where the subject is captured from all around and the final composition of the drawing could be defined by the observer.

2. Proof of Concept Tests:
We used 123D Catch to create full body 3D scans.
The OBJ files were then imported to After Effects using Elements 3D plugin.
We were both pleased from the quality of the scan and the option to play with AE Cameras that could control the depth of field in post production.

3. Collaborators
At this point we decided to open up the creative process to collaborators and ask them to paint over our UV texture map. We created a template that was printed out on paper as we both felt that the use of freehand drawing would contribute to the qulity of the final portrait ( in oppose to digital drawing tools).
Rosalie Yu
Artist Email: yurosalie@gmail.com

Rosalie Yu:
Rosalie Yu is a designer, maker, creative coder and visual artist. She is currently pursuing a Masters in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. Her work spans multiple artistic platforms that include interactive installation, live performance and projection design. With a background in psychology and art, she is interested in incorporating storytelling and narratives to bridge lives with emerging technology

Alon Chitayat:
Alon Chitayat (Israel - US) is a digital artist and founder of Animishmish Creative Studio , exploring the symbiosis of Video and Interactive engines. He's work was previously exhibited at international venues including “ARS Electronica Festival”, “Siggraph Festival” and more. Alon is currently perusing his graduate studies at the Interactive Telecommunications program (ITP) at NYU. His research is based on the study of drawing as a means for interaction.