Virtual Shadow

Project Medium: Live-action film

“Virtual Shadow” is a live-action short film with added visual effects. The filmmaker depicts ones nightmare about the overuse of social media that eventually takes over people’s life. He uses color-correction and visual effects to convey the feeling of a digital thriller that could happen mentally to people in the near future. The short is developed from the idea of "Virtual Shadows" which Damon Brown talks about his his TED book “Virtual Shadow: Why We Are Obsessed with Documenting Our Lives Online.” Documenting those special moments also make those people not fully present at the occasion. Also, the fact that many people learn to “know" a person through what the internet provides. For most of the people, these information are the filtered/selected material that they decide to upload online. These information would build up their virtual shadow. However, people might have looked into the shadow of such person just because they can so that they ignore the fact that people might have history that does not define who they are currently.
Mu-Ti Huang
Artist Email: mutihuang@gmail.com

Mu-Ti Huang is a Taiwanese designer that creates messages through live-action films, motion graphics, and interactions. He is currently majoring in BFA Design and Technology at Parsons the New School for Design and he is expected to graduate in 2015.