Crime of Passion

Project Medium: Animation

This animation is a visual interpretation of the poem, "Crime of Passion" written by a Taiwanese poet, Hsia Yu. It is selected from her 1984 poetry collection, Beiwanglu, Memoranda. She reveals her emotions of love and sadness intertwined with one another and connects them with abstractions and metaphors. It expresses the preemptive feelings and desire for love regardless of one's reality. With the artist's way of interpretation, the poem transforms and alters its original forms. The artist wishes to present the poem in different aesthetics from words to images.
Min Liu
Artist Email: amy770825@gmail.com

Min Liu is a Taiwanese motion graphics artist and animator, who earned her BA in 2010 from National Taiwan University in Taipei and her MFA in Computer Art with a concentration in rotoscoping, cell animation and motion graphics editing from the School of Visual Arts, NYC in 2013. Her hand-drawn visual style uses a textured watercolor sensibility to optimistically address human emotions during difficult times.