Treasure Nest

Project Medium: 3D Animation

Treasure nest is a 3D animated short, created by JAM Productions, following the adventures of Blue, a cat-like creature, in search of a hidden treasure. Along his way, blue discovers a bird creature, named Peanut, who he reluctantly brings along in hopes that she will be the key to unlocking the treasure. Through the use of software, such as Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Houdini, Nuke, and After Effects, JAM Productions presents a beautifully hand-painted world, in which Blue's resolve is tested throughout his journey, eventually leading him to a prize of which he never expected.
Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien
Artist Email: iamjoytien@gmail.com

Joy was born in Taiwan, ever since she was a child, drawing had been her most favorite habit. As she grew up, she found out another enchanting expression for presenting imagination - Animation. After Joy completed her Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Taiwan in 2011 and a year after she came to the states for an Animation dream. Now she is a recent graduate from the MFA Computer Art program at School of Visual Arts. As a visual artist, Joy consider consider art as a mean to translate imagination into reality. Her works are mostly featuring vivid color and a merry spirit, giving audience a sense of happiness and a temporary illusion of escaping real life.