Project Medium: Hardwood

As a student who has been to America - the big melting pot for the very first time, It’s hard to describe the feeling while encountering different cultures, languages and races. For those who might try to experience this brand new place and people, there’re still full of anxiety and uncertainty. But from what I’ve seen so far is that people struggling to break the barrier and fit into this new culture, this kind of contradiction and impact is what I want to convey in my work. I came up with this idea “Taimerica”, which is a new term mixed with my born country - Taiwan and the country right now I’m living in - America. I create a new form of interaction using two countries’ national anthems. When trying to spin the vinyls, you can hear a song that is so familiar but still not enough to recognize. With our control, the song sometimes clear and sometimes jittering. This is a symphony for the strangers who are still searching and trying to find where they belong. And every participant happens to be part of this. Welcome to New York.
I-Wen Huang
Artist Email: wen.huang329@gmail.com

I-Wen Huang - born in Taipei, Taiwan. A masters candidate for Interactive Telecommunication Program in New York University. Aim to be an interactive designer with emphasis on UI/UX and art installation. My works focusing on the relationship between human, design and technology. I believe that design could be combined with interactive technology to make tremendous impact and can unleash the true capacity of technology.