Across the Light/ 微光瞬息

Project Medium: Computer Graphic

Across the Light is Hui Chi Chuang's most recent work, inspired by microbiology and scientific experiments. The fascination of peering into the micro-structure of living organisms has always been a secret pleasure for scientists. Chuang, who takes advantage of her combined background in science and art, creates a delicate 3D animation that extols nature and reveals its allure to the viewer. Through abstract 3D animations that use organic particle movements in tandem with penetrating lights and a magnified 3D perspective of 2D grids and gratings, Chuang presents a surreal visual journey that transports the viewer to a realm beyond the imagination.
Hui Chi Chuang
Artist Email: yoziann@gmail.com

Hui Chi Chuang is a Taiwanese designer based in New York, who has been involvedin the 3D motion graphics field since 2011. She received her BS in Biotechnology from Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan (2008), MS in Microbiology and Immunology from National Taiwan University (2010), and her MFA in Computer Art with a concentration in Motion Graphics from the School of Visual Arts in New York City (2014). With a strong foundation in microbiology, Chuang excels in the area of particles and special effects. As a Viacom design and motion graphics intern at TV Land, Chi worked on 3D logo designs and broadcast titles. Her ability to visualize special effects from a background that merges art and science is a distinctive quality in her creative arsenal.