SENSES part I : Pupil

Project Medium: Video Box Installation - peephole

SENSES is a series of art projects that use the 5 senses of Human being to convey the idea of social phenomenon. This project is Senses part one, the sense of sight: pupil. Our pupil is no longer the old pupil. It is replaced by the digital devices and medias that give birth to the new vision, new pupil. By looking through the peephole from the box, we can see our own eyeball reflection with the reflection of digital moving image. Just like the kaleidoscope of information that we received in the reality. Although we are the subjective viewer, Maybe we already stuck in a preset restriction. The truth that we watch is already twisted. People still look into the peephole, Although they were passively controlled. Because the peephole provides a temptation sensation. It stimulates curiosity, imagination and allowing viewers to see a larger universe. Which shows how important for the media to convey information on the objective position.
Amy ChingChun Wen
Artist Email: gogomi87@gmail.com

Amy ChingChun Wen is a Taiwanese artist, who received her BFA in Digital Art from Yuan Zi University, Taiwan in 2010, and her MFA in Computer Art with a concentration of Moving Images from the School Of Visual Arts, New York City in 2013. Wen has contributed to numerous motion graphic and graphic design projects, including typographic solutions for on-air graphics for MTV, as well as pre- and post-production for Taiwanese music videos, and stereoscopic video images for stage performance and installation for well-known music festival Electric Zoo in NYC. Her clients include INTEL, Loreal, Matrix etc. Her moving image and print work is distinctive for its ability to merge abstract elements within a digital environment as it creates a highly layered emotive experience.