Project Medium: Installation-Wood, Fabric, Arduino, Controlled Servo Motors

The piece entitled “Raum” is part of a series of moving works created in early 2014. This 6*7 foot self-contained installation piece consists of a wooden frame stretched with an elastic mesh fabric connected through a system of pulleys and wires to four Adruino controlled Servo Motors. The motors, mounted on the wall, are connected to a laptop sitting on a golden table with an accompanying stool. As the servo rotate, they pull and release the wires in a slow orchestrated loop, the fabric is stretched, twisted a pulled out of the traditional flat dimension of the canvas. Shadows cast on the wall behind the contorted mesh add additional depth and dimension to the piece.

Through self-contained and interactive systems my collaborative work explores how organic yet inanimate materials can be brought to life through controlled, dimensional movement. There will always be a natural tension between the mechanical and the organic, which I attempt to make visible and accentuate through the linear and semi robotic movements of soft and stretchy materials. Furthermore I am interested in giving flat materials dimensional shape.

The concept of this installation is to create the fabric movement combine the lighting to give the relationship between the space and audience to stretch visual environment to expand the imagination.
Chin-Lung Chuang
Artist Email: gdragon313@gmail.com

I’m a UI/UX Designer originally from Taichung, Taiwan. I am currently pursuing my Master Degree in Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts in New York City with undergraduate background in fine art and animation visual effects from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I took a two‐year break before I started my Master Degree. During that period, I was freelancing as a visual designer at SocializedHR Company where I worked on visual development and visual production, specifically on the web user visual platform and presentation design projects. I enjoy working with teams and taking complex problems and turning them into simple and pretty designs.