My Journey to the West, 我的西遊記

Project Medium: Mixed Media

“My Journey to the West” is a mixed-media painting about my voyage from Taiwan to New York. The piece is interwoven with the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West, in which I become the monk, in search of the meaning of this journey abroad.
Chemin Hsiao
Artist Email: me@cheminart.com

Chemin Hsiao is a Taiwanese illustrator based in New York City. Born in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, his work often tells story with memories of locations and people. He also paints portraitures and animals with the passion of capture their spirits.

Chemin was chosen as 1 of 30 nominees at 2013 Young Illustrator Award in Berlin. His work has been selected in major illustration annuals such as The Society of Illustrators New York & LA, and American Illustration.