Rising Suns

Project Medium: Video Game /Interactive Media

A first-person camera shooting game. Player as an American wartime journalist in Shanghai in 1937, taking photos of the battle field. The photos you take affect the angle of the story and how the world sees this battle. Rising Suns was featured in New York Times and won the nomination of Zurich Game Festival 2014
Allen Yu & Bruce Lan
Artist Email: ay888@nyu.edu

We are Taiwanese students from New York University Game Center MFA in Game Design (Master of Fine Arts). One of the teammate is from NYU Steinhardt's Department of Music. Bruce is the lead programmer and level designer who put pieces into UDK; Allen is the 3D modeler and the narrative designer; Maria is the producer and the lead artist; Natures is the music composer.

Allen Yu
Born in Taichung, Taiwan. Worked for a trading company in Taiwan, and now studying game design in New York University. Website: allenlearnstorock.com

Bruce Lan
Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Worked for Gamania in Taiwan, and now a game design student with New York University. Website: yingchenlan.com